Livewire Theatre Imaginings boys as pirates

Learning Through Creative Adventure and FUN!

Our Imaginings sessions for ages 4-6 have won multiple awards for their innovative curriculum. The 1 hour classes are held in a fully themed studio, and use a different theme every week to provide a context for exploring the world around us, using art, costumes, props, role play, voice, movement, dance, music, singing, mime, circus, literacy, numeracy, problem solving, interactive storytelling and so much more!
The activities encourage the participants to think creatively, work both collaboratively and independently, improvise and develop their memories, communicate effectively, solve complex problems in creative ways, and use their imaginations to interpret and understand their own world and experiences. Unlike our drama classes for older participants, these sessions run per term.

$175 inc GST.
There are no additional fees at any time, as we supply everything needed

This class can be paid for either in full at the start of term or enrol in Auto-Pay to have your credit card charged for $60 on the following dates-
6th May
27th May
11th June