Little Livewires

A complete work out for little minds and bodies!

Let your toddler's imagination go wild as they explore, learn, and have fun!
Held in our fully themed early childhood studio, these half hour sessions develop fine and gross motor skills, coordination, flexibility, confidence, muscles and joints, vocal and communication skills, creative thinking, problem solving, literacy, numeracy, as well as skills in the arts.
To achieve this, we use drama, music, dance, circus skills, visual art, movement and yoga, puppetry, and influences from many other areas.

We use a different theme every week, and the studio is fully decorated accordingly, creating a magical world of wonder. We use interactive storytelling to link the theme to the week's activities.

Little Livewires is for children aged 1-3, and their parent/s or carer/s. The classes are a fun bonding experience for the toddlers and their grown ups, as well as a social opportunity to catch up with toddler friends.
Although the classes go for half an hour, you are welcome to stay and play longer, after the facilitated activities, and grown ups are welcome to a cuppa.

Unlike our classes for older participants, these sessions run per term, rather than semester.

2/5/19 -4/7/19
Total: 10 weeks

$90(inc GST) for 10 weeks.
There are no additional fees at any time, as we supply everything needed.

This class can be paid for either in full at the start of term or enrol in Auto-Pay on our Parent Portal to have your credit card charged for $31 on the following dates-
6th May
27th May
11th June