Info & Terms

Should your child have any medical conditions or special needs that may affect the way the workshop is run, please contact me in advance. When you complete your registration form (at checkout if paying online, or on this form if already registered), it is important that the facilitator is aware of any conditions or restrictions your child has to ensure that she can cater the workshop to your child’s needs. Please share as much information as possible, and rest assured that this will not result in your child being excluded from the workshop. This information will always remain confidential and will not be revealed to anyone else (except in a medical emergency).

Drama can be a physical activity. Whilst all care will be taken, the facilitator is not in any way responsible for the occurrence of any injuries, damage to physical property, sickness, emotional upset, or offence that may occur. By choosing to register yourself/your child/ren for this workshop, you are acknowledging and accepting this disclaimer.


  • a water bottle with water (nothing sugary). It’s important to stay hydrated!
  • Any medication you need
  • Wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. You may end up doing activities like crawling on the floor, so keep that in mind. I recommend comfortable pants, a shirt, sensible shoes and a jumper.
  • Your completed Registration form. Unfortunately you can’t participate if this is not completed and signed by a parent/guardian.

Only if specified in your workshop information, unless you have a medical condition requiring you eat at this time. NO NUTS please!

Milton CWA Hall, 55 Wason St, Milton. Please be on time, but also please note that many sessions run back to back, and doors cannot open until the start time. Parents must stay with their children until the doors open.

For toddler sessions only. For older children, not unless your child has special needs which require you to do so – please contact me in advance to discuss your child’s needs. There are two adults – the facilitator, and assistant – with the children at all times during the workshop. Parents are welcome to stay for the first 10 minutes of the workshop for 4-6 year olds only. There are many reasons parents don’t stay for the workshops. These include:

  • Children tend to ‘come out of their shells’ more without parents around – this means they can relax and enjoy the workshop more easily.
  • Whilst you may feel your child will be more comfortable with you around, for the other participants you are a stranger, or a friend’s parent – both identities can cause a sense of ‘being watched’ and perhaps embarrassment to participants as they step out of their comfort zones and take part in the workshop.
  • Parents chatting or occupying themselves in the workshop space causes distractions.

If you would like to discuss this further, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


-Full or first payment must be received prior to the workshop.  Please ensure you allow time for the funds to clear.

-If you choose to cancel, please phone or email (contact details below) asap. You will receive a full refund if you cancel more than 4 days prior to the workshop date. Cancellations after this time will receive a 50% refund, or, if cancelling 24 hours or less before the workshop, there will be no refund. A $2.50 admin fee will be withheld on all refunds.

Registration form must be completed by all participants’ parents prior to the workshop. If you are not registering on our website, you will need to bring the form with you.

-The facilitator, K-M Doyle reserves the right to remove any participant from the workshop, or refuse entry to the workshop to any participant, at any time for any reason. There will not be a refund in these instances.

-The facilitator, K-M Doyle, reserves the right to cancel the workshop at any time for any reason. A full refund will be issued in this circumstance.

Participants collected more than 10 minutes late will be charged $5/5 minutes over this time.

Children must be dropped off and collected inside the workshop room. Please do not ask them to meet you elsewhere. This applies to all participants aged under 18.

Contagious illness is not welcome! Many members of the community, including the facilitator, are immune compromised. A simple cold for you has the potential to result in chronic and even life threatening illness to the immune compromised. If you are ill, please phone K-M on 0414 536 414 asap to discuss the situation.


Ph: Mob: 0414 536 414


If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me! Best regards, K-M 🙂