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These 2 hour, weekly classes are for secondary students*.
The weekly workshops teach and develop skills in all areas of drama and theatre, including acting for stage and film, voice, movement, improvisation, mime, mask, direction, performance writing, and devising.

Each semester, the participants will work towards a final project, determined by the students in collaboration with the teacher. They will learn and refine their skills as they create, rehearse and prepare for an end of semester performance.

In addition to dramatic skills, they will develop and improve skills in creative thinking, planning, communication, problem solving, collaborative and independent learning and creation, flexibility and adaptability, leadership and teamwork, semiotics, emotional & social intelligence, social & political analysis, and will improve their self-confidence.

* There is currently one class scheduled, however if numbers allow, the age group will be split into 2 separate classes, one each for junior and upper secondary. If it remains at one class, the students will be given work appropriate to their own individual developmental levels. Highly experienced, older teens may apply to be admitted to our adult class.

Fridays, 5-7pm
$468 (inc GST) for 18 weeks across Term 1 & 2
This class can be paid for either in full at the start of term, or enrol in Auto-Pay to have your credit/debit card charged for $78 on the following dates-

11th Feb
4th March
25th March
15th April
6th May
27th May

There are never additional costs or fees as we supply everything needed.